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Appliance Repair Guide

Do you have a faulty or broken home appliance? Has your television stopped working? Or perhaps your oven fan is broken? It’s sometimes hard to decide whether it’s better value to get a fault repaired, or to replace the appliance altogether, preventing the cost of further repairs in the future. To help you save money, Money Pod have put together a handy home appliance repair guide to help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option.

Washing machine repair guide

Washing machine not working as it should and want some help to put it right? Welcome to the MoneyPod guide on everything you need to know about the most commonly occurring problems with washing machines. We’ll tell you why they happen, how much you’ll pay for repairs, and whether it’s worth getting rid of your old appliance and replacing it with a new one?

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Fridge freezer repair guide

When your fridge freezer breaks down, it’s a real family emergency. If you don’t act fast, then hundreds of pounds worth of food and drink may spoil. Although you should get between 9 and 13 years’ worth of use from your washing machine, things can actually start to go wrong earlier. In this article, the MoneyPod team look at the faults that happen the most frequently with fridge freezers, how much it costs to get an engineer in to make the necessary repairs, and how to decide whether now is the right time to replace your existing fridge freezer.

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Dishwasher repair guide

Did you know that it’s more environmentally friendly to use a dishwasher than it is to do the washing up by hand in the sink? In busy households, a dishwasher can save everyone a lot of time during the week so when it breaks down or starts malfunctioning, it can prove to be a real disruption. How much does it cost to repair a dishwasher? What faults are most likely to occur with your dishwasher? And is it better to get a new one rather than spend money on repairs?

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Central heating repair guide

The only thing stopping you seeing the breath in front of your face when you’re in your home during a bitter British winter is your central heating system. It warms your home and provides the hot water you need for your baths and showers. Investing in new central heating for your home is expensive so, if it’s breaking down or malfunctioning at the moment, our guide will let you know whether it’s better to repair or replace so that more money stays in your pocket.

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Television repair guide

For most families, even in the age of the internet, tablets, and smartphones, the television is the main shared activity in a household. As one of the more expensive investments we make in the quality of our lives, it can be upsetting and frustrating when your television begins to malfunction. We’ve never had more choice as a country in the quality and quantity of television sets available to us and they’re cheaper than ever. So, if your televisions begins to play up, is it more financially sensible to invest in a brand new TV or to get an expert out to repair it?

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Vacuum cleaner repair guide

Most experts agree that you should get 8 years of good use from a vacuum cleaner with only the barest maintenance. It is likely though that, from year 5, you may have to get it repaired occasionally to ensure maximum functionality and to get the best results from your cleaning. In this article, the MoneyPod team look at the types of fault most likely to occur on modern vacuum cleaners, the costs of getting a vacuum cleaner repair, and whether now is the right time to spend your hard-earned money on a brand new model.

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Oven repair guide

No oven = no crispy, fluffy roast potatoes to accompany your delicious roast on a Sunday afternoon. With the average lifespan of an oven now between 10-15 years and at historically low prices, there’s never been a better time to buy an oven, whether freestanding or as part of a kitchen installation. If your current oven has broken down or you keep needing to call in a professional to repair it, this article will help you decide whether now is the right time to replace it with a new model or you should continue with your current oven.

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Refrigerator repair guide

With refrigerators lasting up to 20 years and built to the highest possible standards, the investment you make in one really delivers both value and convenience to your family. Out of all household appliances, they’re among the easiest to fix yourself if you’re good with your hands and confident in your own ability. In this article, our team looks at the most commonly occurring problems experienced by fridge owners, what type of repairs need carrying out for particular faults, and whether now is the time to invest in a new one or to continue to maintain your existing fridge.

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Cooker repair guide

With our cookers, we can grill, roast, fry, and boil the food our families love the most to perfection. Dinners with lots of different and varied ingredients using different cooking methods? No problem. It’s hard to imagine life if your cooker breaks down – you’ll soon get sick of the expense of takeaways and you’ll miss your home cooking. Our team look at the types of problems cooker owners experience the most, what you could be expected to pay to get yours repaired, and whether it’s a better financial decision to stick with the model you have now or replace it for a new one.

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