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How To Budget

How to budget your finances

The best way you can make your money stretch as far as possible is to do your own budget. You’ll probably need to set aside half an hour to do this and, don’t worry, it’s not difficult! However, once you’ve done it, you’ll probably be surprised just how many opportunities you have to save and how much extra that’ll give you every month. Whether you want to pay down your debt, build up a rainy day fund, or even save for your next car or holiday, read on to start putting together your own budget.

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How to create a budget planner

Do you feel that your finances are in control of you or that you’re in control of your finances? For millions of Brits, they worry that money is too tight in their household and that they’re unprepared for any shock bills that come their way. If you feel it’s time to take control now and in the future, a monthly budget planner you stick to means not only that you can start to put more money to one side for later but you can reward yourself with the occasional treat.

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How to budget for rent

Rents – they always seem to be rising. When you want to rent a new property, it’s often a very expensive business so how can you budget for your deposit and your rent? What additional expenses do you need to think about when deciding whether that house or flat you want to rent is really within your budget? MoneyPod looks at the hidden costs of renting so that you can sit down and work out accurately whether you could really make that dream house or flat yours.

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How to budget for a wedding

Ask anyone who has got married and they’ll tell you, almost to a man and a woman, that it was the best and most happy day of their lives. You’ve found someone you want to share the rest of your life with and you’re making a commitment to spend the rest of your life with them in front of beloved family and friends. MoneyPod’s personal finance team have written an informative and helpful article on the costs of a big wedding day and how you can budget for yours.

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How to budget for university

Those three or four years you spend away from your parental home when you attend University will give you lasting, meaningful memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime. However, going to University costs more than it ever did before and young people now have a serious decision to make – will all the debt you put yourself in to get a degree really be worth it? Read on to read MoneyPod’s guide to student finance and how to budget for university.

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How to budget for food

You spend half an hour filling your trolley in a supermarket and suddenly you’re £100 lighter than when you went in. Since when did it cost so much to feed yourself and your family? With inflation rising faster than wages for the last 10 years, it’s wise to look at ways you can make your food and drink budget stretch as far as possible. Read on to learn how to budget for food – find out more on how to feed your family and yourself delicious, fresh food without breaking the bank.

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How to budget for a holiday

For most of us, it’s our biggest yearly luxury – our two weeks away in the Sun. But watch out because the travel companies, tour operators, hotels, restaurants, and just about everyone else is out to get as much of your holiday money out of you as they can. Read on to find out more on how to budget for a holiday so you can enjoy your time away even more while spending less than you might have thought.

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How to budget for retirement

When we retire, the amount of money we bring into our households goes down – a lot. Many people worry now that, with interest rates being so low and annuities on pensions being so stingy, we’ll have to work until we literally drop. Thankfully, that’s not the case because there are ways to enjoy your retirement, eat well, live comfortably, and get out and about when you want. Read on for MoneyPod’s essential guide on how to budget for retirement.

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How to budget for a car

“I’m in love with my car, gotta feel for my automobile” sang Queen drummer Roger Taylor. And it’s true – millions of us love our cars and we want an even better model when we buy our next one. There are now so many ways to get your hands on a car that it can be confusing deciding which way is the best you. In this article, MoneyPod’s consumer finance team look at how to get your next car (including the popular personal contract hire plans) and what it costs to keep it on the road.

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How to budget for a baby

If you’re expecting a baby and want to know what it’ll cost to bring your child into the world, we’ve prepared a guide just for you. Of course, babies cost money before and after they’re born so it’s always really important to have a strong idea of what you’ll need to spend and how you can cut down on your expenses. Read on for the MoneyPod guide on how to budget for a baby.

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How to budget for buying a house

Getting on the housing ladder is harder than ever with the cost of property trebling in the last 20 years. Buying a house is an expensive, complex process that requires planning – from saving up a deposit, choosing your dream home or flat, obtaining a mortgage, and getting through the seemingly never-ending legals. So, what is it you’ll be facing? Read our guide on how to budget for buying a house.

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How to budget for a gap year

Nearly 2.5 million young people in Britain are planning to spend a gap year abroad. Whether you’re travelling by yourself or with your friends, new experiences await you and the memories you take home from your gap year will stay with you a lifetime. So, what do you need to know about raising the money to get out there and how to keep yourself alive when you’re over there? Check out MoneyPod’s guide on how to budget for a gap year.

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