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Responsible Lending

Every one of our associated lenders must have a Responsible Lending Policy in place. If they do not, we do not work with them.

Some lenders belong to trade associations, so they are required to abide by a strict code of practice.

Lenders have specific operational and ethical guidelines in which they must operate. We encourage you to check the responsible lending codes of practice for any lender before agreeing to a loan.

Many lenders will not allow a borrower to receive more than 30% of their monthly net income. If your application was denied it may, therefore, be worth trying for a lower amount.

The loan site that you use should have an application that is secure (such as SSL technology).

It is vital that you understand the APR of the loan you are being offered.

Make sure you will be able to pay back your loan. If you cannot afford to pay back a loan, you shouldn’t take it. If you are doubtful you will be able to make your next payment, you should contact your lender immediately as they will try and come to an appropriate solution.

Lenders will not

  • Give money to people who are not able to pay it back
  • Give money to people who already have issues with debt.

What may happen if you fail to pay

What may happen if you fail to pay

  • If you fail to pay a loan, this information will be passed to the Credit Reference Agencies. This could affect your future credit score. If you know you are going to miss a payment, always tell your lender.
  • There will be a different policy on late or non-payments depending on who your lender is. You should always check their website for details.