Representative APR from 14.9% - 162.28%

A renewal will extend your loan. The policy for this will depend on the lender you use. You should make sure you are familiar your lender’s policy before accepting the terms of your contract. It may incur a significant cost to renew your loan, particularly if coupled with late fees and interest rates.

Loan advances should only be used to meet short term needs. They are not a long term financial solution to money problems. There is no guarantee that an extension will be granted by lenders. This will depend on your financial situation and the information you provide.

Usually, if you extend a loan, you will have to pay the charge on the original agreed date. The borrowed amount repayments being extended, along with an additional charge. It is good practice to pay as much of the original amount as you are able, as a failure to do so will make the whole process more expensive.</p